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The Secret of Becoming a Master of Time Management

Guest: Brian Moran, Founder and CEO of Small Business Edge

The difference between success and failure, in many cases, is how the person manages their time each day. In our special webinar, Brian Moran will show you how to become a master of time management, avoid time robbers, and achieve your goals in business and life.

Digital marketing growth hacks

Guest: Jamie Turner, Speaker, Author & Management consultant

Learn how to turn prospects into actual customers, with the help of digital marketing
• Become familiar with best in class marketing tools
• Find out how to get great results on a limited budget
• Discover best practices and tips for attracting new leads

Getting Started with Facebook Ads for SMB Lead Capture

Guest: Andrea Vahl,
Social Media Consultant & Speaker

Learn how to bring the perfect customers to YOU!
Discover the exact steps to setting up lead generation ads the right way, grow your audience and increase website traffic with highly targeted views.

The complete guide to small business insurance

Guest: Joanna Cheng, Insurance Advisor @ Next Insurance

Learn about insurance options for small businesses, and discover how you can protect your business against accidents, potential mistakes, and financial liability.

100 ways to get leads

Guest: Jessica Campos, Marketing Guru

Discover new lead generation tactics proven to create demand and boost your bottom line!
• How to build a winner lead-generation strategy
• How to spruce up your online marketing with out-of-the-box ideas
• Figure out who your leads are and where you can find them

Launching vcita Packages

Host: Rachel Schapiro, Product Marketing Manager

Learn all about the feature that helps businesses increase retention and secure revenues!

Building Customer loyalty & retention

Guest: Owen Video

IThis webinar dives deep into building bullet-proof customer loyalty.
We focused on:

• How to form and nurture customer relationships that last
• How to Identify and act on upsell and cross-sell opportunities
• How to reactivate customers you haven’t heard from in a while

Converting leads Into customers

Guest: Owen Video

This discussion was all about the fine art of converting leads into paying customers. Creating a steady stream of revenue you can invest back into your business. This session is all about:

• How to nurture leads
• How to manage your leads through the different parts of your sales cycle
• Great tips for closing more deals
• How vcita can support you every step of the way

Content Strategy and Lead Generation

Guest: Owen Video

It’s all about building a marketing funnel that keeps new business coming – without breaking the bank! We covered:

• How creating content can help you stand out and get in front of potential customers
• What type of content can work best for your business
• How to distribute your content to win new leads
How vcita can support the process

Launching our scheduler’s new look!

Guest: Noa Gur, Product Manager

First exposure: Product Manager Noa Gur reveals our scheduler’s new look for the very first time. Rachel and Noa exchange insider tips on creating top-selling services menu

Introducing vcita & Square: The best way to collect and manage payments online

Guest: Sarah Clansky, Partners Manager, Square

You work so hard on every client, but do you get paid on time? Sarah Clansky from Square meets Rachel Shapiro to talk about small business owners’ biggest billing nightmares. They talked about:

• What are the best practices for speedy payment collection (without
having one awkward conversation!)
• How vcita and Square can help you manage your business’s
payments from A to Z
• Why should you manage your payments in one online hub

Stay up & running during the COVID-19 outbreak

Guests: Dr. Michelle Dillon, Socially Nina, Sharon Boon

Three exceptional vcita users talk about reinventing their business in a Covid-19 driven market

Build yourself a lean, mean, marketing Machine

Host: Ramon Ray
Guest: Rachel Shapiro

Entrepreneur & inspirational keynote speaker Ramon Ray meets our product marketing lead, Rachel Shapiro. They talked about:

• What are some must-have online tools for small business marketing
• Why video marketing should be your #1 priority in 2020
• How to nurture relationships with customers who are not ready to buy

Taking your business online: Special Q&A session

Guests: Owen Video, Marcus Babcock

We’ve had hundreds of questions following our “Taking your business online webinar”. Here, Owen video and vcita’s sales manager, Marcus Babcok, read the best questions out loud and offer their best answers.

Taking your business online

Guest: Owen video

YouTube and TikTok influencer “Owen Video” meets vcita’s product marketing lead, Rachel Shapiro. They talked about:

• Why even technophobes and dinozaurs can go online these days
• How to easily set up your own at-home DIY video studio
• How Owen doubled his revenue using vcita and video calls ׂ& how you can too!

Overcoming the obstacles every small business owner knows

Hosts: Barry Moltz, Rachel Shapiro

American author, speaker & entrepreneur Barry Moltz meets vcita’s product marketing lead, Rachel Shapiro.
They talked about:

• How to stop hustling for every single booking
• How to save yourself from the daily hell of office work
• How to keep top of mind with your customers

Reopening your business during the COVID 19 outbreak

Host: Rachel Shapiro
Guest: Dr. Julie McLaughlin

Racheli Shapiro meets chiropractor & functional medicine doctor, Julie McLaughlin. They talked about:
• How to share the good news with your clients & build up anticipation
• How to use vcita to collect health declarations and manage a clear record of everyone who has visited your location
• How to create and host online group

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